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How to Buy the Best Mattress in India 2021

When choosing your mattress, it is crucial to choose based on comfort level,
completeness (with back pain), pricing method, pledge, after-sales service,
and much more. So we are compiling this excellent list of best mattresses in India for you,
always keeping these things in mind from the customer’s point of view.

  • Best Mattress Brands and Prices in India

  • Mattress,Size,and Dimensions

  • Types-of Mattresses

best mattress in india mattress brands and price 2021

Best Mattress in India 2020 – 2021

However, a goodnight’s sleep is a crucial factor in a healthy life. Lack of quality sleep can lead to many health problems, which can deter you from performing well. So go to bed at your bedtime. Of course, you need to make sure your mattress fits you. Now is the time to upgrade your old mattress to a new one. Don’t be confused about this.

Mattress Brands And Prices in India 2021

Mattress Model/Mattress Type Brands Price/Rs
#1. Hisleep India-Ortho mattress - Memory foam[5 Years Warranty]
Hisleep India
Rs. 13,000
#2. Hisleep India-Spring Mattress Premium[5 Years Warranty]
Hisleep India
Rs. 15,000
#3. Hisleep India-Coir Mattress Premium[5 Years Warranty]
Hisleep India
Rs. 7560.0
#4. Sleepyhead Memory Foam Mattress
Rs. 15,999
#5. Sleepyhead Orthopaedic Foam Mattress
Rs. 26,999
#6.Wakefit Orthopaedic Mattress, King Size
Rs. 24,917
#7. Urban Ladder Cloud 6-inch Queen Size Pocket Spring Mattress
Urban Ladder
Rs. 26,099
best mattress in india mattress size

How to Choose a Mattress size?

Mattress size is a crucial factor while selecting a mattress. Size is depended upon your actual need. The thickness of the mattress is variable from brand to brand. But it has a standard in length and breadth. Here we are sharing a measurement table.

Mattress Sizes Dimension/Inches (width x length)
#1. California King Size
72″ x 84″
#2. King Size Mattress
76″ x 80″
#3. Queen Size Mattress
60″ x 80″
#4. Full Size Mattress
54″ x 75″
#5. Twin Extra Large Size
38″ x 80″
#6. Twin Size Mattress
38″ x 75″

Mattress for couples and families- Mattress Sizes

The current trend of choosing the mattress size is King Size. More families prefer a King size mattress to a lesser size. It’s ideal for couples and senior people who need more space to stretch out their legs and hands. Likewise, for parents and kids, the King size mattress is a good choice. Here is more detail about the size above.


Mattress for single sleepers- Mattress Sizes

A double coat mattress is better and enough for a single sleeper. Here we sharing a chart for further reference. Single size mattress may not give you much more space for comfortable movement during sound sleep. This might disrupt your quality of sleep. So we suggest that you should pick an double-size mattress. Let’s have a look at the chart.

How to choose your Mattress Size?- Mattress Sizes

We hope that you have got an idea about the mattress size in detail in the sense of its utility and convenience from the above paragraphs and the size chart. Apart from the size, you have to consider many other factors too before choosing your mattress.

Who is your sleeping partner? Who you sleep with is one of the crucial factors in the process of choosing your mattress. May be  Queen size mattress is a better option for  couples. When you sleep with your kids, you need a King size bed. Even your pet at your foot of your mattress requires ample legroom that will get extra comfort for you and your pet as well.

Your Height and Sleep Position - Mattress sizes

How tall you are and your partner is another important element in your decision-making process of the mattress. If your height is less than 6 feet you can get plenty of leg room with any mattress. While you have more than 6 feet in height you must choose a bed with more than 80 inches in length. Sleeping position is also a significant factor if you are a starfish sleeper  King size bed is better for you.

Your Bedroom Size -Best Mattress in India

Our bed size should match the size of your bedroom. It is not good to make your bedroom congested furnishing with an oversize coat. Make sure there is a minimum free space in your bedroom. So before buying your mattress that is fit for your room. 


best mattress in india matress types

Variety of Choices -Types of Mattresses

A wide variety of mattresses are available in the market. When buying a mattress, it’s tough for people to choose the right type of bed. Because needs are different for different people, depending on size, quality of material, luxury features, and design. Since the mattress is consumer durable, you must pay little attention and study the product before landing a decision. first of all, moreover must understand which type of bed is apt for me “this is important.

#1: Spring Mattress –Memory Foam

What is a spring Mattress? Spring Mattress is supported by steel or metal coils that encase in foam and it is topped with upholstery as a comfort layer. Luxato Spring Mattress from Hi Sleep has been a premium mattress meeting all international standard points. Luxato is the latest luxury spring mattress with comfy technology. The pocketed spring encased in the non-woven cloth gets independent champers according to the bodyweight of the person who lays at it. The quality memory foam used in the top layer gives comfortable sleep for the user. The mattress provides you the extra advantage of minimum motion felt by the partner, change the posture of your partner while sleeping will not disturb the other one.

#2: Hi Sleep Glossimo B0x Top Spring Mattress-PU foam

The box top is equipped with a spring mattress, high tensile bonnet spring chassis, thermo-bonded, woven fabric, super-soft foam, and jacquard weaved fabric quilting. Having PU foam sidewall gives an extra level of support up to the edge of the mattress apart from providing strength and comfort. The air ventilator used on the side of the mattress gets fresh air passage inside the mattress and ejecting the hot air gives you an air-conditioned feeling.

#3: Hi Sleep Life-Ok Orthopaedic Mattress

Orthopaedic Mattress Hi- Sleep’s Life-Ok, scientifically designed, the orthopedic mattress gives optimum support to your spinal code while keeping the curves and spine intact. It’s built with crushed and compressed rebounded PU foam and a high-density coir sheet in between the layers of rebounded foam. It provides a firm surface, stopping your back pain and neck pain as well.

#4: Hi-sleep Life-Ok Memory Plus

Box top mattress made out with premium jacquard knitted fabric plus best memory foam quilting over the rebounded foam chassis. Life Ok memory plus orthopedic mattress allows your body to get proper rest providing extra comfort. The memory foam on the top gets you a cool feel absorbing body heat and provides an air-conditioned feeling.

#5: Hi Sleep’s Nidra Coir Mattress

‘Nidra’ coir mattress of Hi Sleep has multiple layers of PU foam quilting in quality cotton cloth. Medium-density coir sheets are used to manufacture Nidra mattresses which help to reduce the possibility of sagging and damages.


#6: Hi Sleep Ragam Coir Mattress

Ragam Coir Mattress is made of multiple layers of high-density latex mixed coir sheets to provide firm and precise support to the body. Multiple layers of PU foam in Geo card fabric provide a smooth experience. Hessian fabric mattress glued to the bare four sides gives extra strength and flexibility.

#7: Hi Sleep Suvarna Ultimate Pillow Top Coir Mattress

Ultimate pillow top coir mattress made out of high density curled natural coir fiber sheets mixed with latex, covered with thermo bonded cotton felt. Quilted with high gsm jacquard fabric and super soft foam pillow top. 

#8: Hi-Sleep Vismaya Coir Mattress

Hi Sleep’s Vismaya Coir Mattress with latex mixed coir fiber sheets equipped with imported fabric, foam layer. Sides of the coir sheets are covered with hessian cloth to prevent the coir fiber from coming out of the mattress.


                        Best Mattress in India

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